Bane Freestyle Song lyrics

Bane Freestyle Song lyrics

“BANE Freestyle Song” is a newly released English song in 2023, part of an English album.The song is performed by the talented artist Ekoh, who not only lends his vocals but also took on the role of composing the music for “BANE Freestyle Song.”Ekoh’s creative talents extend to the song’s lyrics as well, as he is the lyricist behind this captivating track.To complement the song’s auditory experience, a music video for “BANE Freestyle Song” has been released, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the visual storytelling and artistic expression of Ekoh’s work.

BANE Freestyle Song lyrics

Born in darkness I’m Bane so get your night lights
Y’all ain’t nothing compared to the shit that I write
I’m 5’11 but yall aint reaching my height
I’ve got a couple houses and a whip so fuck ur 5 mics
I’m Glad I did it my way, that’s frank sinatra,
Whatever the fuck i wanna do yea that’s my favorite genre
Vegas raised I made a name and now i need some beautiful naked big tittied women fallin from the sky like I’m Jay in Dogma
A Plate of pasta with the main ones while these haters gossip

Sober but the fuckin homies blowin smoke like rastas
Sick of hangin with these lows, I gotta change the posture
Fuck the club i’d rather skate with hopsin
Crazy how a life so unexpected became expected I came correct and gave a message truly impressive enough to make connections with the hearts of men when I’m cracking open the hardest head, I sparta kick these fuckin artist dead, the flow is arsenic
An arsonist
I’m Peter Parker when his arm was bit
& Goin miles around you, I’m Miles Morales when I start to thwip
Dont even push to start the whip,
And I don’t listen to a has been who’s album has been up in that bargain bin
The lines is heavy.
I charge the battery, Everready
The Pressure building
Your hand is shakin, but mine is steady
I’m ready with a machete October 31st
What kinda cut you want? An emotional, raw, or nerdy verse?
A Comic book kid who wilin n shit

And got a
model like chick who riding the dick
And never
thought I would get a life that’s like this,
I guess I’m
kinda my own Fuckin hero and shit,
Deniro in, damn, anything with mob ties,
Whip it till I pop like
huffing nitros oxide
To be up in the top 5, i just gotta not die
Keep it pushing Flexing heavyweight like it’s the rocks life
Wish that i could see the world thru Pacs eyes just preaching fearless
Listen to the lyrics let it influence the spirit,
Lotta music playin i dont think yall really hear it,
A Lotta people watching still been Judging my Appearance
Yea I’m White
so whoevers poppin currently
I guess i’m like,
Ron burgundy diversity
the way you see me, right?
Put me in a box the labels easy, this industry indecline like the devil stencils in vegas they graffiti
So watch how you speak on me
I got some dudes with the heat to keep the heat off me,
You got some incels who play too much COD,
I Prey on y’all I ain’t talkin talk to GOD
It’s E

learned to deal with more hate,
Learned the more you get the more you grow and fill up your bank
Learned when people wanna get ahead they steal from your tank,

And dont confuse somebody for a friend just because they dont hate,
I’m like a lawyer in recovery how i pass the bar
I dont have to spazz this hard
How you get ur act this far?
Spoiler i just crash the car,
Mushrooms in a candy jar
I’m Ali like muhammad and the Prince of fuckin agrabah
So Keep all the shade,
Im no one you’re cool with
Off of the chain, and into the game
Sick of the bullshit
Never the fame, and never the dough
It’s Always the music,
Didnt take care of me, Started the therapy dont wanna lose it

BANE Freestyle Song lyrics Song Video

BANE Freestyle Song lyrics frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the title of the latest English song released in 2023?

A: The latest English song released in 2023 is called “BANE Freestyle Song.”

Q: Which English album does “BANE Freestyle Song” belong to?

A: “BANE Freestyle Song” is a part of an English album.

Q: Who is the singer of “BANE Freestyle Song”?

A: “BANE Freestyle Song” is sung by Ekoh.

Q: Who composed the music for “BANE Freestyle Song”?

A: Ekoh composed the music for “BANE Freestyle Song.”

Q: Who wrote the lyrics for “BANE Freestyle Song”?

A: Ekoh is the lyricist behind “BANE Freestyle Song.”

Q: Where can one watch the music video for “BANE Freestyle Song”?

A: The music video for “BANE Freestyle Song” is available on Ekoh’s


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