Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave Song lyrics

Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave Song lyrics

Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave song lyrics penned by Bhaskarabhatla , music composed by M. Jayachandran , and sung by Srinidhi Sriprakash from the movie Puli.

“Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave” is a Telugu song featured in the Indian movie “Puli”. Sung by renowned South Indian playback singer Srinidhi Sriprakash, the song is composed by M. Jayachandran, a prominent music director in the Malayalam film industry who has also worked on several Telugu films. The lyrics of the song are written by Bhaskarabhatla, a highly respected Telugu lyricist known for his contributions to many popular Telugu movies. The song is edited by Vivek Harshan, a skilled film editor who has worked on numerous critically acclaimed Tamil and Telugu films.

Directed by Vinayan T.G. and produced by Ch. Sudhaakaar baabu, “Puli” is a fantasy action film featuring a star-studded cast that includes popular Telugu actors Manoj Manchu, Prakash Raj, and Srinivasa Rao Kota in the lead roles. Despite receiving mixed reviews from audiences and critics, “Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave” stands out as a well-crafted song that showcases the exceptional talents of its creators.

Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave song lyrics

Song Name Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave
Singer Srinidhi Sriprakash
Music M. Jayachandran
Lyricst Bhaskarabhatla
Movie Puli

Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave Song lyrics

Nee tholi pujatho mammalni peedinche 
bhuthaalni prethaalni bhusthaa
pitham cheyyave
Mekalni kosthaam kollanu kosthaam 
dhunna pothu thalanu naivedhyam gaa pedathaam
Idhigo bali andhuke poli poli poli
Jaagaaram chesaamu jaathara pettaamu…
Maa gunde gullona nelakoni mamu gani gandaalu 
baapeti kondantha devatha ve
Kommu booraloodhi kondantha panduga
Dappula dharuvulo dhummule regagaa 
Kanne pillalanthaa kaalla gajja katti
Chikkumudeedaga sivameththi aadaare
Nee tholi pujatho mammalni peedinche 
bhuthaalni prethaalni bhusthaa 
pitham cheyyave
bhuthaalni prethaalni… 
bhuthaalni prethaalni 
bhuthaalni prethaalni.. 
bhuthaalni prethaalni 
bhusthaa pitham cheyyave

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Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave song frequently asked questions

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This Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave song is from this Puli movie.

Srinidhi Sriprakash is the singer of this Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave song.

This Bhoosthapitham Cheyyave Song lyrics is penned by Bhaskarabhatla .


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