Condition song Lyrics

Condition song Lyrics

Condition Song Is Latest Released New English Song In 2023.Condition Song Is From English Album.Condition Song Is Singer By Chris Webby.Chris Webby Composed The Music For Condition Song.Lyrics For Condition Song Is Written By Chris Webby.This Chris Webby Song Music Video Song Is a Available On ForTheBurd Youtube Channel.

This Song Credit Details :-
Song :- Condition Song
Singer :- Chris Webby
Lyricist :- Chris Webby
Music :- Chris Webby
Label :- ForTheBurd

Condition song Lyrics in English

Condition Lyrics By Chris Webby
Back in 7th grade, they put me on amphetamines Graduated to coke when I was 17
Can’t remember a time in life I was ever clean Suitcase full of more pills than you ever seen
Then I slow it down with a round of the ketamine Rolling up a rod with the raw thoughts evergreen
Jack up all trades when I play, I get a queen And she doing lines on my dick in the mezzanine
Patent is severedine, rent my district Back in the day, everyday I live this

Just a fucked up, drugged up, young misfit And I’m not implying that I ain’t still getting lit shit
Just last night, I was deep in a citrip Opened up my safe and it looked like Christmas
100 proof, feel like Zeus on Olympus Kavaroot got me real loose and I pivot

Take a little bump and the bathroom stop Next thing, me and the homies went through a ball
So I gotta hit my guy with the 1am call When the worst come to worst, I got Xannies in the car
Try to chill back out, try to keep my mind in check With a psilocybin I’m riding

Kicks in with a big grin and my eyes spin Time and time again, they know I’ve been
Lost in the tide, try to see them waves No VMA, just good weed, MDMA
And cocaine coming straight from the CIA Yet if this ain’t cake, then taste, indeed I made
Indeed I am a man with some props One hand full of drugs, other hand, watch
Keep it low key, cause I know God watch Shit, at least he ain’t no cop
I woke up this morning to some powder
And a lime
Crushed that molly with some mushroom dust
And fuck it, put it all in my wine
Yeah, I tripped on a tab until I lost my mind
I told my doctor, swear to God I’m fine
I just dropped in to see what condition
My condition is in
Light up a, light up a, J Roll it and fire away
No matter the time of the day, When I wanna feel special I line up the K
Till I’m slurring the words that I’m trying to say, I’m just high, it’s okay

Cause this is the primary way, That I’ve learned to live most of my life so I stay

I’m those pills and that powder, That fungus and flower of only the highest of grades
I inspect my drugs, double check my drugs, Only buy in bulk when I get my drugs
Yeah, I got the kind of plugs that’ll test my drugs, What I’m trying to say is I respect my drugs
We don’t worry about me, Shit, I’m chemically altered, vision blurred, but that’s just how I see
Yeah, I’m tripping like a hippie back in 73
The only DMs that I check ends in a T
Blast off where I’m born to go
Weigh it out up on the scales of my horoscope
Last thing that I remember, I’ll score and blow
Then what? Then I woke up licking a Sonoran toe
Yeah, feeling that itch when I sniff
Back of my nasal, cactus and gayo Way out in San Pedro
It cost me some pesos, but I got that queso I roll up that Zaza, now I’m feeling bueno

Small pills to the big pills, I got pain pills, I got dick pills
Varieties of any anti-anxiety, Got me as high as the eye can see
Kids, I am not who you ever should try to be Mom shouldn’t have let you listen to my CD
But I do drugs and I rap about them too Sorry, that’s why my shit’s labeled parental advisor
I woke up this morning to some powder and a lime
Crust that molly with some mushroom dust And fuck it, put it all in my wine
Yeah, I tripped on a tab until I lost my mind I told my doctor, swear to God I’m fine
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

Condition Lyrics Song Video

Condition Lyrics Song frequently asked questions:

Q: What’s the inspiration behind Chris Webby’s song “Condition”?

A: “Condition” by Chris Webby delves into his personal struggles with mental health and the challenges he faced while coping with them.

Q: How does Chris Webby express his emotions in “Condition”?

A: Through powerful lyrics and a poignant melody, Webby conveys the depth of his mental health battles, offering a raw and honest narrative.

Q: Does “Condition” touch upon any specific mental health issues?

A: Yes, the song addresses various mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and the impact they have on one’s life and relationships.

Q: What’s unique about the music production in “Condition”?

A: Chris Webby not only wrote the lyrics but also composed and performed the music, showcasing his versatility and involvement in the creative process.

Q: How has the audience responded to “Condition”?

A: The song has resonated deeply with many listeners who relate to its themes, garnering appreciation for its candid portrayal of mental health struggles.

Q: Which label released “Condition”?

A: “Condition” was released under the label ForTheBurd, providing a platform for artists like Chris Webby to share their music.

Q: Does “Condition” advocate for mental health awareness?

A: Absolutely, the song serves as a platform to raise awareness about mental health struggles, aiming to destigmatize and encourage conversations around these issues.

Q: What impact has “Condition” had within the music industry?

A: It has been praised for its authenticity and for contributing to the growing trend of musicians using their platform to address mental health, promoting empathy and understanding.

Q: How does “Condition” fit within Chris Webby’s discography?

A: It stands out as a poignant and personal piece within Webby’s discography, showcasing his ability to blend introspective lyrics with compelling music.


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