Dil Haareya song Lyrics

Dil Haareya song Lyrics

“Dil Haareya,” sung by Arijit Singh and penned by JUNO, begins with an evocative opening line crafted by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The music, composed by Vivian Richard and arranged by Somanshu, Himonshu Parikh, and Vivian Richard, creates an enchanting atmosphere. The live guitars, played by John Paul, add depth and emotion to the song. Asthasoom Sharma’s direction beautifully brings together the talents of everyone involved, with Zeeshan Khan’s voice-over adding another layer of allure to this mesmerizing piece of music.

This Song Credit Details :-
Song :- Dil Haareya Song
Singer :- Arijit Singh
Lyricist :- JUNO
Music :- Vivian Richard
Label :- Saregama Music
Director :- Asthasoom Sharma
Casts :- Tanya Maniktala & Danesh Razvi

Dil Haareya song Lyrics in English

Kaash yun ho
Aankhein jo kholoon paas tu ho
Moond loon jo
Naina to mera khaab tu ho
Seene se dil karke riha re

Tere hawaale hum hue
Pehli dafa aisa hua re
Hanste hue bhi nam hue

Dil haareya ve Main jaaneya ve
Saath tera kyun zaruriya ve
Dil haareya ve Main jaaneya ve

Saath tera kyun zaruriya ve
Meri laqeeron mein to khaamiyaan thee
Thaama jo tune to khoobiyaan lagey
Khaali makaanon si gumnaamiyaan thee

Dil tere aane se aashiyaan lagey
Tere jaisa hai koi kahaan re
Tere ishq se bhi ishq hua re
Sufiyaana lage dil ki naadaaniyaan

Dil haareya ve Main jaaneya ve
Saath tera kyun zaruriya ve
Dil haareya ve Main jaaneya ve
Saath tera kyun zaruriya ve

Dil Haareya Lyrics Song Video

Dil Haareya song Lyrics frequently asked questions:

Q: Who is the singer of the song “Dil Haareya”?

A: Arijit Singh is the singer of the song.

Q: Who is the music director of this track?

A: The music director is Vivian Richard.

Q: Who wrote the lyrics for “Dil Haareya”?

A: The lyrics were written by JUNO.

Q: Can you name the person responsible for the opening line of the song? A: Amitabh Bhattacharya crafted the opening line.

Q: Any additional elements or voice added to the song apart from Arijit Singh’s vocals?

A: Yes, there is a voice-over by Zeeshan Khan.

Q: Who handled the music production and arrangement?

A: The music production and arrangement were done by Somanshu, Himonshu Parikh, and Vivian Richard.

Q: Is there any specific instrumental contribution mentioned in the credits?

A: Yes, John Paul played the live guitars in the song.

Q: Who directed the entire project?

A: Asthasoom Sharma directed the song “Dil Haareya.”


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