Dugu Dugu song lyrics

Dugu Dugu song lyrics

Directed by KVR Mahendra and produced by Payal Saraf, “Bharatanatyam” has a captivating story by Surya Teja Ele. With screenplay and dialogues by Surya Teja Ale & KVR Mahendra, music composed by Vivek Sagar, and visuals captured by cinematographer Venkat R Sakamuri, the film will mesmerize the audience.The film is edited by Ravi Teja Girijala, and the art direction is by Baby Suresh Bhimagani. The fight sequences choreographed by Devaraj have intense and engaging action. Sound Effects, performed by J.R. Ethiraj are committed to adding depth and immersion to the cinematic experience.

Dhani Ale’s creative publicity designs and Kasarla Shyam’s lyrics contribute to the film’s overall appeal. Shekhar Vijay’s choreography is expected to bring the art of Bharatanatyam to life on screen.

Post-production is currently underway at Annapurna Studios for “Bharatanatyam”, an upcoming film that combines artistry, action, and storytelling to provide audiences with a visual and oral treat.

Dugu Dugu song lyrics informations:

Movie Titile : Bharathanatyam
Directed By : K V R Mahendra
Produced By : Payal Saraf
Story : Surya Teja Aelay
Screenplay – Dialogues : Surya Teja Aelay & K V R Mahendra
Music : Vivek Sagar
Editor : Raviteja Girijala
Cinematography : Venkat R Shakamuri
Art Director : Baby Suresh Bhimagani
Fight Master : Devaraj

Dugu Dugu song lyrics in English

Sitraale sooodu cinema life
Tera meedane prathi life cinema laage

Chaaraana Kodi baaraana massale
Stuffunna vaade eduntadra saale
Chaal chaal

Chaaraana Kodi baaraana massale
Stuffunna vaade eduntadra saale

Hero prati vaade vaani sutti kastale
Uper sherwani andar parshanele
Kotlallo Eastman dreamuluntaye
Jeebulo chusukunte chilluluntaye

Daiyoo dugu dugu dugu dugu
Daiyoo dugu dugu dugu dugu
Daiyoo dugu dugu dugu dugu
Daiyoo dugu dugu dugu dugu

Natisthu yedustu navvisthu vuntoone
Egolu bhayaalu vennante vuntaaye
Ahalu oholu bhajanlu chesthune
Manodu pagodu manente vuntaare

Mohanne makeuppesi tirigevalle
Sudden ga rangulne marustu
Paikoste kallepatti lagestare
Newkoche chansulne kottestuu

Ninna Jai annode nedu nai antade
Malla perosthe malla perosthe
Yenake padataree
Padtunna paiki leche dammulundale
Mana time vachhedaaka gammunundale

Chaaraana Kodi baaraana massale
Stuffunna vaade eduntadra saale
Mari fail ayyam ante veellestaru pairalle

Varamlo maaripoye jaathakale Jaathakale
Idantha avasaralu aadu reele le

Daiyoo dugu dugu dugu dugu
Daiyoo dugu dugu dugu dugu
Daiyoo dugu dugu dugu dugu
Daiyoo dugu dugu dugu dugu

Dugu Dugu song lyrics Video

Dugu Dugu song lyrics frequently asked questions:

Q: What’s the central theme or genre of the movie “Bharathanatyam”? A: “Bharathanatyam” explores the art form of Bharatanatyam dance while infusing elements of action and storytelling within its narrative.

Q: Who are the key contributors to the music and sound of the film? A: The music for “Bharathanatyam” is composed by Vivek Sagar, and the sound effects are crafted by J.r. Ethiraj.

Q: Could you elaborate on the creative talents behind the visual aspects of the movie? A: Certainly! The film boasts Venkat R Shakamuri as the cinematographer and Baby Suresh Bhimagani as the art director, promising stunning visuals and artistic design.

Q: What role does Surya Teja Aelay play in the creation of this film? A: Surya Teja Aelay contributes significantly to the movie, not only penning the story but also collaborating on the screenplay and dialogues.

Q: Where was the post-production work for “Bharathanatyam” carried out? A: The post-production of the movie took place at Annapurna Studios.

Q: Who choreographed the dance sequences in the film? A: The dance sequences in “Bharathanatyam” were choreographed by Sekhar Vj.

Q: Can you name the individuals responsible for the publicity and editing of the film? A: The movie’s publicity was designed by Dhani Aelay, while the editing was handled by Raviteja Girijala.

Q: What aspects of the movie suggest it might have intense action scenes? A: The presence of Devaraj as the fight master indicates that “Bharathanatyam” will likely feature intense and well-executed action sequences.


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