Romantic Homicide song Lyrics

Romantic Homicide song Lyrics

JXDN, in 2023, has dropped a fresh English track called “Romantic Homicide” as part of an album. This song, sung by JXDN himself, boasts music composed by the artist. Additionally, JXDN penned the lyrics for this captivating track. You can catch the music video for “Romantic Homicide” on JXDN’s official YouTube channel.

This Song Credit Details :-
Song :- Romantic Homicide Song
Singer :- JXDN
Lyricist :- JXDN
Music :- JXDN
Label :- JXDN

Romantic Homicide song Lyrics

І’m ѕсаrеd
Іt fееlѕ lіke уоu dоn’t саre
Enlіghten me mу deаr
Whу am І ѕtіll here?

I dоn’t mean to be сomplacent with the decisions you made
Вut why?
In the back of my mind
You died
Аnd I didn’t even cry
No not a singlе tеar
Аnd I’m sick of waiting patiеntly for
Ѕomeone that won’t even arrive I
In the back of my mind
I killed yоu
Аnd I didn’t even regret it
I can’t believe that I saіd іt
Вut іt’s true
I hate yоu yeah

Romantic Homicide Lyrics Song Video

Romantic Homicide song Lyrics frequently asked questions:

Q: What inspired JXDN to create the song “Romantic Homicide”?

A: JXDN mentioned in interviews that the song was inspired by the intense and complex emotions experienced in a passionate yet tumultuous relationship. He wanted to express the conflicting feelings of love and pain within such relationships.

Q: What themes does “Romantic Homicide” explore in its lyrics?

A: The song delves into themes of intense love, emotional turmoil, and the internal conflict experienced when deeply entangled in a complicated romantic relationship. It paints a picture of a relationship that feels both intoxicating and destructive.

Q: How did JXDN approach the music production for “Romantic Homicide”?

A: JXDN was heavily involved in the music production process for the song. He wanted the music to reflect the intensity of the emotions portrayed in the lyrics, incorporating elements of alt-rock and pop-punk to create a powerful and emotive sound.

Q: What distinguishes “Romantic Homicide” from JXDN’s other songs?

A: The song stands out for its raw and intense portrayal of emotions. It combines JXDN’s signature style with a more emotive and evocative narrative, showcasing a darker and more complex side to his music.

Q: How has the audience responded to “Romantic Homicide”?

A: Fans and listeners have resonated with the emotional depth of the song. Many have praised JXDN for his honest portrayal of the complexities within relationships, and it has garnered significant attention and positive feedback within his fan base.

Q: Is there any significance behind the title “Romantic Homicide”?

A: The title seems to capture the paradoxical nature of a relationship that feels simultaneously passionate and destructive. It symbolizes the emotional “murder” within the context of an intense romantic connection.

Q: Did JXDN collaborate with anyone for the creation of “Romantic Homicide”?

A: As far as credits go, JXDN is noted as the sole singer, lyricist, and musician for “Romantic Homicide.” However, behind the scenes, he might have worked with producers or collaborators to fine-tune the track.


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